What's in an Art Box?

So, What's all included in a Homeschool Art Box?

Each Homeschool Art Box includes:
  • An educational newsletter about an artist or art movement;
  • Two full-color prints to study/appreciate the artwork;
  • Step-by-step instructions for a related, creative art project; and
  • Art supplies needed to complete the project.


Written in a child-friendly, accessible manner, the educational content can be read to the student, or read by older students on their own.

Throughout the schoolyear, Homeschool Art Box teaches students about nine of the great masters of art, helps students appreciate their art, and exposes them to a variety of art media and techniques. Best of all, the prep work is already done for the teacher.

Just OPEN AND GO! It's all in the Box!

Busy Teachers! We've done the work for you. . .

  • Art Class in a Box
  • No Preparation necessary
  • No searching for Art Supplies
  • Little Mess
  • Lots of Creativity

Students will love it!

  • Artist Lesson - Learn about the Masters
  • Art Appreciation - Study Their Art
  • Art Project and Supplies - Create your own Work of Art